Service – around the world

SCHOLZ. Around the globe

It is an imposing sight when an autoclave with the length of 54 metres leaves the company premises on a heavy goods vehicle heading for a destination somewhere worldwide.

Operational schedules and logistics are precisely planned right down to the very last detail. And when the product reaches its destination, our professionals are already on-site to supervise and ensure a professional installation.

Precision and Know-How for effective unitySCHOLZ provides cumulative competence and experience for the installation of its products through 90 years of mechanical engineering. It is fact: the installation of a unit demands the highest degree of precision and know-how. To allow unity between software and hardware it is of great importance that all the individual components counterpart with one another. Therefore, the technical control is carried out by specially trained engineers.

After completion of installation and successful test runs the unit is officially commissioned – worldwide.